Yandex is the biggest brand after Google in Internet and search engine advertising. Yandex has taken an important position in digital advertising, especially with its recent breakthroughs.

Support your ads with Yandex Direct

Yandex Direct, which is mostly preferred over the need for additional promotion over the internet, is a high-return marketing tool if used correctly. For this purpose, our professional team is always with you.

Due to the lack of competition in Yandex Direct, its costs are low compared to Google Adwords.
Another advantage of Yandex Direct is that it can also be advertised without a website. Yandex calls this service as Virtual Business Card.
Yandex is increasing its investments, especially in Europe, with certain planning and constantly increasing its user base.
Because Yandex is used less, spam pages are not often found on search pages.
Digital ads should not be made dependent on a single method. That’s why Yandex Direct ads are a good alternative.
For brands that appeal to the Russian market or to states where Russia has influence, Yandex should be the first advertising tool. Use rate of Yandex in these countries is 65%.
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