Google Shopping Ads

The popularity of Google Shopping ads among advertisers is growing every day. In a situation where brands' investment in Google Shopping Ads has increased by 50%, don't you still use these ads for your brand?

What would you think if we said that clicks from Google Shopping ads increased 76% in a year?

Yes, Tutus Media, which serves as a 360° Media Agency in Europe, offers a lot of profitability with a small budget with Google Shopping Ads.

Google Shopping Ads

What is Google Merchant Center?

We also manage your Google Merchant Center account to create shopping ads. Google Merchant Center is a Google tool that provides detailed information about your services or products that you sell. With this system, we create Shopping campaigns in AdWords in a certain optimization.

Google Shopping Ads

What Are The Main Things We Do In Shopping Ads Optimization?

  • Custom Label Use

We use interesting labels like price ranges, seasonal products, new products, gender, profitability, and etc.

  • Product Name Optimization

Correctly identified product titles are important to the success of your Google Shopping ads. We increase ad impressions, click rates, and return rates, as well as the profitability of your campaign.

  • Brand name and product features

We use the brand name in shopping ads for your generic search target audience. For those who know what they are looking for, brand name optimization is important. We always use the distinctive features of your products and the features that make your products unique in the titles.

  • Number Of Characters

We create the best title, trying not to exceed 70 characters.

  • Product Visual Optimization

We use simple, high-quality and attractive visuals. We make sure that the background of the images is white.

If you want to make a profitable decision on behalf of your brand, call us now! If you want to win with Google Shopping ads, we’re here!

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