Google Adwords Ads

Tutus Media, as a Germany-based Google Adwords, SMM, Digital Media and SEO agency allows you to control your Google AdWords (Google Ads) expenses with its expert team.


Why Google Adwords Ads?

If you want to get the best share of internet searches, you should use Google Adwords.

Don’t you know how much to budget for ads and are you concerned about the returns from your spending for ads?

Do you also think about what product or campaign I should start with?

90% of consumers are affected by online reviews and comments.
More than 4 billion searches are done on Google every day.
80% of consumers perform a research online before they decide to buy.

Google Adwords

If you are not sure about what kind of gain you will achieve when you work with a SEM agency, let’s take a short trip with you. What will you have with our expertise in Google Adwords advertising;

  • You’ll have a quality site suitable to the customer experience.
  • We do SEO optimization so that your customers find you in higher positions in Google searches. So you reduce your Adwords costs.
  • When setting up an account in Google AdWords ads, the best optimization options regarding your target audience, target keywords and geographic location are used. In this way, you avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Our Adwords copywriters also analyze your competitors’ ads to create the best ad texts. So you increase your clicks and returns.
  • Account health is maximized so that your Adwords ads rank high.
  • So you’ll be more visible with less budget.
  • We present your expenses, returns and budget through the best reporting system you can plan. You just have to check your data from the report screen.
  • You only spend on Adwords ads when you get clicks. You don’t charge for invalid clicks.

As a Google SEO and SEM agency in Germany and European countries, we plan advertising in the following areas.

Google Search Network Ads
Google Image
Advertising Network
Google ReMarketing Ads
Local Business
Instagram Ads
Youtube Ads
Linkedin Ads
Facebook Ads
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