Reach to your target audience with Gmail Ads!

Gmail Ads, one of Google’s special products, are a successful advertising model for easy access to your target audience.

Gmail ads are the advertising model of the future today, when using Gmail is now a necessity. By taking part in this advertising model immediately, you can put your brand one step ahead of your competitors.

Where do Gmail ads appear?

  • Gmail ads appear to the right or top of their users’ mailboxes. Your Gmail ads are also set to look comfortable in desktop and mobile apps.
  • It is shown in digital environments where there is no one-sided communication for a specific audience. In this aspect, Gmail ads are very important for reaching to your target audience.
What are the advantages of Gmail Ads?

  • Gmail ads have a high success rate when correct editing and targeting is performed compared to other ads.
  • Its click price is low compared to Google Adwords ads. It’s also a great advantage to save your Google ads and direct them to other users. Clicks received from these redirects are not charged.
  • In Gmail ads, you can target your target audience who have received mail from competitors or who have communicated with your competitors. In this way, you get away from unnecessary click costs.
  • With a detailed targeting strategy, Gmail ads also reduce your costs.

Gmail Ads

For the success of Gmail ads, you need to be complete as a whole. For this reason you need;

  • An advertising idea suitable for your target audience
  • Accurate ads management
  • An attractive image and textual integrity.

What do we do for your Gmail Ads?

    • We conduct sectoral research specific to your brand and set interest and keyword-based targets.
    • We plan to create your advertising idea with specially prepared images and texts.

If you want your Gmail ads to get high-quality returns with very affordable budgets, you can contact our expert team.

Tutus Media is with you 24/7 to give detailed information about Gmail ads…

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