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Newsletter posts, which are undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools of the Internet and preferred as interaction broadcasts, are in a very important position for new generation companies.

Companies that appeal to high masses with newsletter posts are able to present their needs and campaigns to their target audiences in certain periods with a visual feast.

TUTUS Media’s superior analysis and measurement system on this subject can measure the readability of the mails sent, how many people they reach and the number of clicks. Thanks to this system, open-ended mails are now old fashion and we offer you “Mail Marketing” opportunities that offer superior performance.

The product and service marketing activities of TUTUS Media, which offers the opportunity to reach the target audience directly, will provide you with successful results.

Advantages Of Newsletter:


As it establishes a direct channel between firms and customers, it creates a friendly and reliable content marketing network.

It instills commitment and sustainable trust to the company by regularly informing its customers.

It plays a successful role in selling the product or service directly to potential buyers.

Because it saves time, it allows you to reach every customer at the same time.

According to the click rate, it is clear which products or services attract attention and thus contribute to the future.

TUTUS Media’s providing you with the most powerful and measurable resources will bring permanent solutions for your company. In addition, our experience in design will greatly contribute to your Newsletter Marketing performance.

Do you want to publish an e-newsletter that will introduce your brand, explain your services, inform your target audiences such as customers, employees and dealers about the latest products, campaigns and news?

Tutus Media provides full service for you by planning and implementing every title required for this.

If you want your Newsletter (E-Mail Marketing) ads to get high-quality returns with very affordable budgets, you can contact our expert team.

Tutus Media 24/7 is with you for detailed information about Newsletter…

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