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Tutus Media achieves modern and easy user experiences with high performance designs.

User Experience

Hand In Hand-Together!

We are not just aiming to improve the user experience. Along with the user experience, we also improve modern user interfaces. Thanks to the many years of experience of our expert and multidisciplinary team, we ensure that specially planned designs are applied perfectly by exchanging ideas. Remember! With this working system, which we have developed hand in hand together, we ensure that the consumers would not give up your brand.

User Experience

Excellent Organization!

Our team can easily integrate to work closely with your brand at designated points or work separately. With this harmonious work, we determine the best interfaces for your brand. We also give importance to the excellence of our organization to ensure smooth cooperation at the point of your team’s special requests.

First Purchase Experience!

Our first goal is that the visitors of your website can easily navigate through the site. Our team ensures that all information on your website is easily accessible. Such sites are successful sites at the point of UX – User Experience.

All steps taken to meet the consumer’s expectations are effective in the first purchase decision. The consumer who is happy in the first purchasing experience can become your long-term customer by improving their experience. Tutus Media can even make your long-term customers a brand advocate with social media management that also supports the consumer experience. Brand advocates increase your sales by advertising for you through free ear-to-ear method or touch-to-keyboard, in modern terms.

UX and Mobile Eebsite Experience!

Designs for your website can be quite enjoyable and fun. But given that mobile access to websites is more than the ones from desktop, it is necessary to check whether all these designs are mobile-compatible for a flawless user experience. The task of our UX designer is to make mobile design convenient for the customer. If a very aesthetic design makes it difficult for the consumer to access information on mobile, this is problematic in terms of user experience.

On mobile sites designed by Tutus media, you will never experience this problem! If you want information to be easily accessed on mobile, just like on desktop, you can hand over your brand to us with peace of mind.

Achieving Different Experiences Through Tests!

For every user experience, our UX designers create persona according to your brand’s average customer profile. This process is an important step before starting the marketing process. Each persona that our team uses is addressed to different customers and you have a high concept for the user experience. In addition, as a result of the use of persona created on e–commerce websites, we easily develop your site map.

All of our designs are customer-oriented. With these customer-oriented designs, we increase your sales quickly and empathize your brand with your target audience. Gaining user experience with Tutus Media workspaces is very easy!

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