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Hello. Welcome to Tutusmedia!, We are an media agent based in Frankfurt and we provide 360° advertising services! If you want to get to know us better, don’t hesitate to take a look here. 🙂

With Tutus Media, you can conduct European Media Planning for tv series that break ratings records on European Turkish televisions! And with prices you can’t even imagine…

Don’t you still have a website today, where digital marketing is a must-have? You can get ahead of your competitors with distinct websites that we will design for your brand.

SEO! SEO! SEO! You will no longer ignore this word when you hear it! Always stay on top in search engines with our team’s planned and extensive work!

Tutus Media, which has given confidence to brands in Europe for 10 years in the field of production, offers solutions in many production areas such as promotional films and advertising films with original stories.

Key Point

Transparent & Hardworking

Established in 2014, Tutus Media is a leading company in its field in Europe, providing 360 degree media service to many large companies and organizations and improving its effectiveness day by day.

Working as a full-scope media agency for the purpose of multi-lingual media communication in visual and digital media (English SEO, Turkish SEO, German SEO), the Tutus Media undertakes to be

Fair, Transparent, Hardworking, Principled

and creates offline and online campaigns for all companies in Europe in this path.

As Tutus Media, we aim to continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers within the framework of mutual trust understanding. For this purpose, as a whole company, we work hard to respond to the demands of our customers in all aspects.

You can see our works here.

Enkafood Media Planning

October 11, 2020

Kaptanlar Media Planning

October 11, 2020

Beynur Media Planning

October 11, 2020

Goran Tee Media Planning

October 11, 2020

Mevlana Tea Media Planning

October 11, 2020

ZMF Raf Adwords

October 11, 2020

Socks Station Adwords

October 11, 2020

My Delikat Adwords

October 11, 2020

Digiturk Adwords

October 11, 2020

Satisfied Customers


Tutus Media provides creative solutions to your problems in all dimensions by realizing all your goals and targets in traditional and digital media in a communicative sense.

What Did They Say ?


Selen Food Anuga 2019 Interview 1:18

Buram Bal Anuga 2019 Interview 0:59

Damak Kebab Anuga 2019 Interview 0:50

Why Tutus?

Reliable & Safe

We take our name from the Latin words meaning “reliable, safe”. The most important feature that distinguishes Tutus Media from other media companies is that we do all our work with our expert team.

As Tutus Media we provide “Media Purchase, Media Planning, Media Monitoring” duties under the title of Visual Media and also we successfully provide services in the fields of “SEO, Social Media, Online Advertising, Newsletter Marketing.” under the title of Digital Media.

In addition, we prepare “Ad Production, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity Studies, Product and Location Photography, Promotional Films” under the title of Creative field.

Under the title of programming we make a great contribution to companies by providing them with “Web design, E-commerce site, mobile applications, special software development”.

We always adopt results-oriented management. We are a media agency dedicated to improve the performance through real data. In order to be successful in all the areas we provide services, we use all possible technology in a correct and timely manner for all of our customers.

We’re here for your all media works. Your brand is in safe hands with us…


We offer media purchasing service for national Turkish television channels in Europe. We determine where, when, and how your ad will be published by taking your requests into consideration. Thanks to the promotional films we have created by developing different concepts, we ensure that you are one step ahead of your competitors!


We plan and manage Google Adwords, GDN, social media ads, premium online ads, and mobile app ads. We prepare mailing systems for our customers and we periodically produce, design and manage the content. We manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin social media networks and develop concepts.


Your website is your company’s showcase to the world. As Tutus Media, we design your website in a completely manageable way that suits your requests. We prepare corporate and need-oriented web site designs and programming for them. E-commerce sites, Booking systems, Payment modules and B2B applications are not unfamiliar concepts to us. Every business now has an e-commerce site.


We prepare printed media and digital advertising banners and creative graphic designs for needs. We professionally shoot your products within your needs and edit them. Thanks to our promotional films created by developing different concepts, we introduce your company to the customers in Europe.

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