Remarketing is that your target audience visiting your e-commerce site are tagged and see your ad again on other sites they visit after leaving your site. With Remarketing ads, you can attract your target audience who left your website by attracting the attention of them. It is highly likely that this kind of returning is resulted in shopping.

Remarketing can happen to anyone!

Actually, it’s a situation that happens to everyone. After you start researching a product that you tend to buy, you start seeing images and ads of it on sites that you frequently visit. “You looked at this product in my shop! Here we are! Come on, make a decision!”

Is Google following me? Remarketing, which make us to ask this question, is an advertising model for your brand that should certainly not be underestimated in the digital age.

Remarketing can happen to anyone!

How does the Remaketing process work?

  • For example, a visitor who wants to buy Ceylon Tea somehow visits your site and is interested in your product.
  • The visitor leaves the site without buying the product.
  • After that, our Ceylon Tea advertisement appears on the other websites he visits and reminds him. “It’s for the best! Haven’t you bought it yet?”

What we do for Remarketing?

  • If we continue with the Ceylon Tea, let this be the product that we want to sell the most. We paste a little code that we get through Adwords on the page where the product is located on our website. In this way, you can re-reach users who view your Ceylon Tea page.

Tutus Media increases your earnings by creating more remarketing lists without adding more tags to your website.

If you want your Remarketing ads to get high-quality returns with very affordable budgets, contact us immediately!

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