Google Search Ads

If you want your brand to exist in the field of digital marketing with developing technology, you also know that you need to advertise with Google Adwords programs.

How do I advertise on Google? How much do I spend on Google ads? Are Google Search Ads profitable? Such questions will no longer occupy your mind!


For example, you have a brand that sells car accessories, and you target a user who searches for “car mat.” Don’t you want your ad to appear immediately right under the search bar with the Google Search Ads strategy?

Our professional team is ready to increase your profitability with the Google Search Ads strategy that only profits your brand!

So, what are Google Search Ads?

  • Google ads (Adwords) are ads prepared with a planned industrial strategy.
  • With Google Search Ads, your ads are shown exactly to your target audience. This automatically increases your profitability.
  • The most important feature of Google Search Ads is their per-click pricing. No fees are charged for advertising display.
  • Defining keywords, managing the budget with campaigns, and managing the budget according to a specific calendar are important criteria for Google Search Ads and they require professional help.
  • The campaigns we create for Google Search Ads can be located at the top of the search pages according to the targeted keywords and you can reach your target audience directly.

Where do Google Search Ads appear?

On The Google Search Page
On Google Maps
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