Desktop Commercial Film

Desktop commercials are commercials created by post-production on the desktop of the graphic designer, editor and colourist under the supervision of the editing director without the need for a cameraman, gaffer or filming director.

The creative team of Tutus Media, who are experts in their field, prepares a scenario according to your needs and creates this scenario suitable for your brand and brings it to the desktop with special techniques. You can use these advertisements on European Turkish televisions as well as on social media posts.


What are the advantages of desktop commercial film?

  • Its preparation in a short time ensures fast results in product promotion.
  • Its costs are low because it is prepared through post-production.
  • Desktop videos can be prepared for internet media and social networks along with television options when used as spot advertising.
  • Animation and graphics are convenient to use.
  • Creativity is at the forefront, and the right feeling and the right message depend on the director and editor. For this reason, your choice for agency affects the quality of your ad. However, in normal ads, there are many factors such as actor, idea, sound, fiction, while in desktop ads, all these factors depend on the director and editor.
  • It is a type of advertising that every firm can choose, not just for companies known as brands.
  • Being remembered, giving confidence to the customer and image work for new customers can also be performed with desktop ads.
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