European Media Monitoring

We don't just perform European Media Planning for your brand!


We also present

all the statistical data of our plannings

in a very short time.

We record and report your ads that are broadcasted on European Turkish televisions.

The services that are at the top of Tutus Media’s transparent working principles are to measure the accuracy of whether the advertisements are published in accordance with the plans, to record the advertisements, to archive the analyzes and reports regarding the advertisements.

After the media planning and the media purchasing processes are completed, we determine whether your commercial film is broadcasted in the programs and categories we desired, together with media monitoring reports.

Thanks to media monitoring reports, you can easily control whether your ads are published on the desired day and time, in the desired category and program.

In order to bring your products together with your target audience, you can get European Media Planning, European Media Purchasing service in the prime time series, daytime programs and news programs followed by your audience.

European Media Monitoring is both very easy and very affordable with Tutus Media!

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    Media Planning

    Tutus Media Europe, which serves as a 360° Media Agency in Europe, produces professional European media planning solutions for Turkish televisions.


    Media Purchasing

    As a 360° Media Agency in Europe, Tutus Media produces professional solutions for European Turkish televisions suitable for the target audience of your brand.