Media Purchasing

We offer media purchasing
services for National Turkish
television channels in Europe.

Media Planning

The aim of media planning is to enable you to effectively convey the advertising message to the target audience.

Media Tracking

We provide recording and classification of published advertisements and archiving of analysis and reports.



As Tutus Media, we are delivering effective solutions with our unique production process as an experienced player in Europe with more than 10 years of experience in production business.


Another feature that distinguishes us from other agencies in the field of design is our dominance and experience in the European market as well as our creativity.


Another way to draw out the strengths of your brand is photo. With advertising photography, you can easily accomplish your marketing communication goals.



TUTUS Media does
not approach to your
web page and your
brand identity
with automatic
views. Along with
SEO, it allows
you to control the
tops in the search engines.

Social Media

As Tutus Media and along with our expert team, we are developing concepts and managing your social media networks we are developing concepts and managing your social media networks such as "Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin"


Tutus Media,
a Germany-based
agency serving as
Google Adwords GDN,
SEM and Digital Media
SEO agency, ensures
you control your
advertising spends
with an expert team


The newsletter
shares, undoubtedly
of the most powerful
tools of the internet
and also preferred as
interactive publication,
has a very important
position for the new
generation companies.


Web design and programming

Your website is a window opening
to the world. As Tutus Media,
we design your Web site in a
completely manageable format
that fits your needs.

E-Commerce Site

The rapid development of the internet has made it possible for entrepreneurs to have a lot of internet creativity. Now all entrepreneurs have an internet project or they have an idea they want to develop.

Mobile Applications

Today, the use of smartphones
is increasing every day. Now even
more than 60% of accesses to web
sites are from mobile. Now mobile
solutions have become a basic necessity.