The purpose of media planning is to ensure that the advertising message created in the framework of a regular media planning effectively reaches the desired audience.

The Tutus Media “Media Planning” team determine where, when, and how your ad will be published, taking into account the likelihood and desires of your target audience, in relation to your brand’s communication, strategy and goals.

We closely monitor national television channels for media planning and keep track of which channel, which program is being broadcast, and which of these programs are watched more and received more ratings. Thus, we provide your ads to be broadcast on the most watched television shows.

When planning media for you, we first investigate the market in depth and determine the media targets and determine the target audience. After the target audience is identified, we review the media preferences and form the media plan.

Media Purchasing

We offer media purchasing
services for National Turkish
television channels in Europe.

Media Planning

The aim of media planning is to enable you to effectively convey the advertising message to the target audience.

Media Tracking

We provide recording and classification of published advertisements and archiving of analysis and reports.